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Americans Don’t Cook Much

The Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development told me something. That’s right, they told me. They told me that they’d done a study recently, polling 29 different countries. Of all of those countries, the United States won something. Know what they won?

Least Time Spent in the Kitchen.

Congratulations. I hope there’s a cool trophy for that.

Americans came in third place for another category. This one was title something along the lines of: Wolfing My Food Faster Than You. I’m totally a sucker for this category and if I finish my dinner before the others at the table, perhaps I might let you know: “I won.”

The stats are these: Americans spend 30 minutes each day cooking and only an hour and 14 minutes eating. Turks win the Most Dedicated Home Maker trophy, cooking for 74 minutes each day.

On a lighter note, something that the Organisation did not tell me: the United States is the most giving nation, taking home the gold medal for citizens willing to volunteer their time, give money, and assist strangers. Hurry and finish eating so you can get out for that charity run.

How much time do you spend each day cooking? How about sitting down to eat? Where do you eat dinner? At the table? In front of the TV? In your car?