Feeling Like A Real Boy Now

We have our header image now. What do you think? I know that guy’s not nearly as hot as Nathan, but I had fun creating him anyway. ~LE


Americans Don’t Cook Much

The Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development told me something. That’s right, they told me. They told me that they’d done a study recently, polling 29 different countries. Of all of those countries, the United States won something. Know what they won?

Least Time Spent in the Kitchen.

Congratulations. I hope there’s a cool trophy for that.

Americans came in third place for another category. This one was title something along the lines of: Wolfing My Food Faster Than You. I’m totally a sucker for this category and if I finish my dinner before the others at the table, perhaps I might let you know: “I won.”

The stats are these: Americans spend 30 minutes each day cooking and only an hour and 14 minutes eating. Turks win the Most Dedicated Home Maker trophy, cooking for 74 minutes each day.

On a lighter note, something that the Organisation did not tell me: the United States is the most giving nation, taking home the gold medal for citizens willing to volunteer their time, give money, and assist strangers. Hurry and finish eating so you can get out for that charity run.

How much time do you spend each day cooking? How about sitting down to eat? Where do you eat dinner? At the table? In front of the TV? In your car?

$1 Raffle For Dinner With Guapo

One of my coworkers suggested this today: Raffle off dinner with Lauren and Nathan for $1 a ticket.

Since we have over 100 people just in our IT department, he’s sure that he can sell at least $60 of tickets, then cross his fingers that he and his wife win the raffle. Funny idea.

I wouldn’t mind having CERTAIN people over, and having the groceries paid for. Can I secretly veto if certain people win? There are just some coworkers that you might not want to know where you live. Just sayin’…

I’m leaving town for a few days, leaving Chef Guapo behind to watch the cat. Hold on to your seat until next week and then the two of us will try and post a meal or two for your viewing/reading pleasure.

I Am A Well-Fed Wife


I started taking pictures of dinner when Nathan and I were dating. I took a picture of the very first dinner that he made me, from some chicken and peppers that he had in the fridge. It was delicious and it looked as good as it tasted. I was going to eat a Snickers bar for dinner otherwise. Apparently, my typical, post-soccer meal wasn’t up to par for my boyfriend so he helped me out.

After we married, I continued taking pictures of the meals he made.

“Why?!” I’m sure Nathan asked me. “Why are you taking pictures?”

Because it looks so nice, duh. And also, one day you will want to look on my phone for dinner ideas. See? I’m so helpful.

Well, my friends, I have decided that it is high time that I put those pictures up on a blog and not just keep them selfishly on my phone. I’d like to try and write up a recipe on how to do it, too, but since Nathan doesn’t cook that way, we’ll see how well I do with that. But let the food blogging begin!